• Visit gorgeous religious temples Vat Phra Keo, Vat Sisaket, and Pha That Luang.
  • Climb to the top of the Patuxay monument – the landmark of the city to enjoy the panorama.
  • Admire the statues of Buddha, God, Demon, etc at the interesting Buddha Park.
Vientiane Explorations 3 Days
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Best price guaranteed
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Money back guaranteed
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Customizable by local experts

Full Itinerary

Day 1

Vientiane Arrival


Meals: N/A

Vientiane – the capital echoes thousands of years of proud history with its captivating ancient, modern constructions. Once you land at the airport in Vientiane, our local tour guide will meet you at the airport entrance and transfer with you to your hotel. Let's start your Short Trip with Asia Private Travels!

Meals are on your account and spend the night in Vientiane.

Day 2

Vientiane City Tour


Meals: Breakfast

Our today tour will take us to the places of interest in Vientiane that will make you fall in love.

The first destination is Vat Phra Keo, which is an astounding temple from 1565. Not just the beautiful style that makes the temple special but the ornaments are also delicate. In the past, the temple used to honor the famous Emerald Buddha image.

Turn to the next temple – Vat Sisaket. The temple is unique with thousands of Buddha images that are carved, stored on the wall. Moreover, when visiting the temple, you will also have a chance to open the book of history from 1818.

Pha That Loung is a temple that preserves the architecture of Laotian well since 1566. Through time, there is damage that the temple had suffered in several damages so in 1930, it was repaired. Pha That Loung means significantly to the Laotian and today, the temple becomes a national symbol, which makes people remind of Laos whenever they think of the memorable experience they had here.

Hop on another well-known construction, this time is Patuxai. This is a memorial monument that dated back to 1957. For a long time, the construction has been an important landmark in the city. If you want to have an overview of the city, you can get to the top of the monument and enjoy the panorama. Inside out, the monument is a piece of art. It looks gorgeous with the combination architecture of the Triomphe in Paris and Laos typical style.

Then, we will stop for a busy but exciting time at the Talat Sao market. This market is a typical local market, which is really famous in the city. Take your time wandering around, you can find there are many interesting things and yummy dishes, snacks to bring home.

In the afternoon, let’s discover the Buddha Park, where also an interesting place that tourists should visit. Located 25km from the city, it takes us about 20 – 30 minutes to get there via vehicle. In the Park, there are over 200 statues that are beautifully carved, which are available from all sizes, all height. These statues of Buddha and Hindu are made of concrete, including the gigantic Buddha that is 40 meters long.

You will not only find Buddha statues but also some characters with the shape of humans, Godhead, animals, and monsters. You can also get inside a 3-meter-high pumpkin through a monster’s mouth and take some nice photos. The 3 stories are Hell, the Underworld, and Heaven respectively.

Meals on your account and spend the night at the hotel in Vientiane.

Day 3

Vientiane – Departure

Transfer: N/A

Meals: Breakfast

Enjoy your free morning before your flight schedule. Room is on service until noon at 12:00 only. Meals on your account. Your Short Trip ends here!



Trip Notes

► Visa Requirements:  Laos visa on arrival is available at Luang Prabang and Vientiane International aiports as well as the border checkpoints. You will need to prepare a passport with at least 6 months in validity, 2 passport - size photos and cash for the handling fee. Visa fee ranges from $20 - $42 USD depending on your nationality.

► Car Procedure:

Group Types of Car
1 - 2 pax 7 - seater car
3 - 8 pax 16 - seater car
9 -14 pax 25 - seater car
15 - 20 pax 35 - seater car

Rooms are available from 14.00 on arrival day until 12.00 on departure day. Special request for early/late check in/out will come with a surchage.

Airfares (if any) may change without prior notice to e-ticket issuance.

► Child Policy

  • 0 - 2 years old: Free of charge (Maximum 1 child under 2 years old travels with 2 adults; from the second child, 50% of the regular fare will be applied) .
  • 2 - 5 years old: 50% of the regular fare will be applied.
  • 5 - 11 years old: 75% of the regular fare will be applied.
  • From 12 years and older: 100% of the regular fare will be applied.

► During Peak Season and Special Occasions, Surcharges may be Added to the Price:

  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Compulsory meals would be added during these times of the years, depends on hotels or resorts you stay.
  •  Laos New Year: Extra fee required.

Reviews us on Tripadvisor

Great chance to explore new cultural things
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"I had chance to know about the three stories at the Buddha Park - Hell, the Underworld, and Heaven from the tour guide, all of them were intriguing, I really enjoyed learning about the different beliefs and cultures. Overall, the tour was fantastic, and I had a great time exploring the beautiful and historic places in Vientiane. The tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly, and the itinerary was well-planned."

learn a lot about spiritual culture of Laos
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"The Buddha Park was a unique and interesting place that is definitely worth visiting. The statues were beautifully carved, and the different characters and stories were fascinating. The pumpkin-shaped entrance at the Buddha Park was a fun and creative way to take photos believe me, don't miss it "

exciting places
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"Talatsao market was really a bustling and exciting place that I really loved wandering around and trying out the delicious local dishes and snacks :) I bought some to my hometown but I "took care of" them all before I went home lol sorry my wife hope she will not see this "

enjoy the Lao history and culture
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"Patuxai was a stunning monument that left me speechless, n I enjoyed the panoramic view of the city from the top. Besides, I was really amazed by the gigantic Buddha statue at the Buddha Park which was 40 meters long I still remembered from our tour guide. Thanks to APT team, you guys r so amazing"

The tour was amazing
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5

Hazel M.

United States

"The tour was amazing, and I loved the beautiful temples and their intricate designs. Vat Phra Keo was a stunning temple that left me in awe. Then I had a great time visiting Vat Sisaket and learning about its history. The thousands of Buddha images carved on the walls were truly impressive."

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