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Asia Private Travels brings you the top Laos tour packages with itineraries suited to all travel styles, from classic to adventure. In this category, you can also find the best offers for your Laos travel. Let's discover the wonders of Laos with magnificent waterfalls, shimmering temple constructions and exotic culture today!

It is a worthy journey for visitors who want to escape life's hustle and bustle, chat with friendly locals, and enjoy the greenery paddies. Taking a bike travelling around the city or trekking to Phousi Mount are great ways to give insights into the lifestyle and traditions here. During your discovery, tourists can take risks when climbing, following the routes on limestone with incredible formations. Along the mountains of Luang Prabang, the gorgeous Khuangsi Waterfall is one of Laos' most stunning waterfalls, with blue water and a green forest backdrop. You may swim in the refreshing lake or walk along woodland trails to get some fresh air on your trekking tours to Luang Prabang. In addition, Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos has a pleasant climate in which you can immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and spectacular waterfalls.

Laos is famous for the Buddhist religion, with many worshipping places and various temples, in which Vientiane, Laos' capital city, possesses various holy temples with over a hundred years of a unique combination of contemporary and traditional elements. While walking throughout the city, you will see French-styled structures such as the beautiful Patuxai. The experienced guide tells you the history and story of Laos. It should be the priority attraction when tourists intend to take short trips here. 

The Laos River Cruise provides the most intriguing river explorations in Asia, operating from Vientiane to Luang Prabang and vice versa, as well as from Vientiane/Luang Prabang to the Golden Triangle. The tour is super suitable for a long journey through jungles and villages with Anouvong Cruise or Mekong Sun Cruise, etc.

Among the most attractive places in Laos, Luang Prabang should be a great choice for everyone. It is a charming city in Laos that is known for its stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, and numerous adventure opportunities. The city is a popular destination for tourists who are seeking Luang Prabang tours, hiking, and day trips from the city. There are plenty of exciting activities for visitors, including Luang Prabang trekking, boat trips, and walking tours that offer the chance to explore the city's beautiful surroundings. From the mystery Plain of Jars to the refreshing waterfall tour, this city offers something for even leisure or adventurous travelers. So, whether you are looking for pleasant holidays in Luang Prabang, exciting Laos trekking trips, or private tour packages, you are sure to find something that suits your interests. 

With your pleasure as a top concern, Asia Private Travels provides visitors with the most fantastic trip at the best price!

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