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Discover the best of Asia with the tailor-made Classic Tours of Asia Private Travels. All Itineraries are carefully made based on expert advice and travelers' experiences which guarantee to bring unforgettable journeys and wonderful memories.

The trip provides a wide range of experiences, including relaxing, discovering, and adventuring to deeply understand the life of Asian people and see how stunning the landscape is.

Thanks to the tropical climate, Asia contains a lot of tourism forms. First, you can trek through the forest and camp on the top mountain to admire the stars or the terrace of paddies fields. Sometimes, tourists can capture the image of clouds covering the mountain that can grasp your breath with unique beauty. Some destinations, such as Mandalay, Sapa, and Pu Luong, are famous for camping.

After that, a short trip riding bicycle around villages to learn more about the tradition and local lives when chatting or doing a farm with them can be perfect. Moreover, this is also a chance to immerse yourself in fresh air from trees and lakes and incredible scenes of majestic mountains.

In case you are a fan of oceans or beaches, the cruise can be the best choice when it offers traveling through different countries and stops at famous destinations giving the best exploration of local traditions. Moreover, tourists also see the tranquil oceans and rivers while admiring the sunset/sunrise along with their companions. What’s more, the cuisine will be served by experienced chefs and skillful staff to provide tourists with traditional tastes.

Since more than a century ago, Indochina countries have had the charm of several Western-style yellow historic houses. Some cities, like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vientiane, and Phnom Penh, exhibit an excellent combination of old and contemporary styles. Tourists may admire the antique beauty throughout the day and then pay to experience the vibrant evening. 

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