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Find your inner peace through travel with the fantastic free and easy tour packages of Asia Private Travels. Created with many excellent beach breaks, exotic cruises and peaceful countryside, the itineraries promise to bring the utmost relaxation and comfort to travelers.

During the journey, tourists have a chance to discover historical sites and pagodas to learn more about the architecture, monk’s lives and histories behind them. Different from Western, golden and stupa are two unique features that you may be amazed by the majestic site of Bagan, ancient buildings in Hanoi, and Vientiane. Strolling along the streets, some vendors may impress you, but this is also a typical image of Asian countries because they own fresh fruits and vegetables with unique tastes. Do not hesitate to try our cuisine.

In addition, many beaches and water activities are also available in Asia, offering a view of the bottom’s ocean with many coral and sea animals through snorkeling and scuba diving. Request a cruise to optimize your trip. When traveling, the cruise will stop at some local villages to give experience the daily habit of the residents and culture so that tourists can have insight into Asian people. 

Thanks to the tropical climate, Asia possesses many kinds of landscapes, such as terraces of greenery, rice fields, deep crystal seas, and majestic mountains, so travelers can choose to relax trip and adventure at the same time. Riding a bicycle crossing the field among the fresh air and enjoying the dramatic mountain or stopping at any farm to take part in farming with locals. In case you are a risk taker and wish to conquer the harsh, ascending the high mountain or trekking through the woods can be the best choice. Among the provinces of Asia, there are some famous destinations that you should not miss, including Ninh Binh (Vietnam), Bolaven Plateau (Laos), and Mandalay (Myanmar). 

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