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A multi-country tour has always been the favorite of many travelers, which brings several chances to discover a different culture and natural beauty. The packages of Asia Private Travels' multi-country tours offer you an excellent opportunity to explore the Indochina of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, as well as the Golden Land of Myanmar. Check out now for the best prices!

Historical beauty

Indochina countries own the beauty of many ancient yellow buildings influenced by Western architecture for more than one hundred years. Some cities have a perfect combination of old and modern styles, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Vientiane, and Phnom Penh. Tourists can experience the ancient beauty in the daytime and then pay for a night to experience the active nightlife here. There are some relics showing the lives and sacrifices of the soldiers during the war with lessons for the next generations. 

Sacred temples

Known for the Buddhist countries, Indochina possesses hundreds of pagodas with unique architecture in each nation. 

Thailand is the world's second-largest Buddhist country, and this Southeast Asian country is heavily impacted by Buddhism, well-known for its magnificent pagodas. As a result, Thai lovers have dubbed the country "Golden Pagoda Land." Thailand is the world's second-largest Buddhist country, and Buddhism heavily impacts this Southeast Asian country. 

Coming to Vietnam, Bai Dinh Pagoda is a must-see attraction that holds the records for the largest bronze bell in Vietnam, the tallest and heaviest Buddha statue in Asia, etc.

Entertainment activities

Thanks to the natural wonders and tropical climate. A variety of tourism forms offer tourists, including relaxing, adventuring, and discovering to meet all requirements of travellers, booking a cruise and start exploration.

In each country, tourists will immerse themselves in the local culture, get to know more about the natives, and take part in extreme sports if they wish. Apart from swimming and playing on the beach, the multi-country tour also allows tourists to see the bottom life of the sea through scuba diving and snorkeling.

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