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The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia. Blessed with majestic temples, renowned hospitality and countless limestone islands of the Andaman Sea, Thailand shouldn't be missed on your travel bucket list. The country has many things to offer its visitors, from the bustling vibes of Bangkok to the cultural experiences in Chiang Rai's hill tribes and the fantastic beach breaks in Koh Lanta and Koh Samui Islands. Asia Private Travels provides the best Thailand tour packages with tailor-made itineraries and competitive prices for various travel styles.

A Thailand short trip to provide experience all the golden spectacular Buddhist temples in different destinations such as Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and Bang Kok- the capital of this country. The experienced guide will tell you the historical stories related to Thailand and its heroes through the excursion. At the same time, its temples also own breathtaking beauty with peaceful space among the chaotic life- A great chance to heal, dedicate and understand yourself.

Apart from that, Thailand tours are also an excellent choice for family holidays when there are full of activities on the beaches with diverse marine life, colorful coral reefs and crystal water on Turtle Island. Tourists can experience some adventures, including snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming, to enjoy the bottom life embraced by water. Or lying on the beaches and sunbathing to immerse yourself in the magical galaxy. 

After that, a tour of some entertainment parks or natural conservation zones can be 2 options. Elephant Poopoo Paper Park is an environmentally friendly, naturally built, open museum park demonstrating the process of manufacturing paper from elephant dung.

Located next to Thai Lan, Lao and Cambodia also offer unique cultures and hidden values in terms of history and religious constructions. 

Check out the tours and let Asia Private Travels help you create your perfect Thailand vacation!

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