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Beach Break

Asia features some of the best beaches in the world with turquoise water and dreamy white soft sand. Your trip to Asia will not be completed without exploring the pristine and sunny stretches of the coastline. Don't miss a chance to discover a wonderful Asia with beach break packages of Asia Private Travels.

Above the crystal water, the huge caves and islands mesmerize you by kayaking through and exploring them. Some caves welcome tourists to camp and admire the "sculpture of motherland" with an enormous tunnel beneath the mountain, huge openings to the outside world and tall building-sized stalagmites formed from water dripping from the cave ceiling. Other caves offer wild beauty with limestones, darkness, and a cool sense, creating a scary feeling anytime entering the shelters. 

Along with cave exploration, tourists can pay a visit to the bottom of the ocean when scuba diving and snorkeling under careful instruction, which is the chance to immerse yourself in the water and sea animals.

Another experience is booking a cruise to travel across multi-countries suitable for short trips, honeymoons and family holidays, offering services on the boats such as working out on the deck, kayaking, and gaming. In the meantime, tourists can enjoy speciality cooked by a professional chef and notice any allergies before to ensure the best dishes.

Night activities are a must-have part, including music, alcohol and sharing, depending on the individual. Many tourists choose to cycle along the beaches and feel the breeze or stop there, take a seat and look at the ocean through the darkness to feel their tiny. Or the others prefer spending time at the accommodation with companions to chat and take a break, prepare for the next day.

Some famous tours are BANGKOK - KRABI - KOH LANTA ISLAND 4 DAYS in Thailand, AROUND VIETNAM WITH BEACH BREAK IN PHU QUOC 12 DAYS in Vietnam, and 12 DAY MYANMAR WITH BEACH BREAK in Myanmar. With any choices, we are sure that you will never be disappointed.

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