• Enjoy stunning scenery of local tea plantations, Wild Himalayan Cherry and admire beautiful landscape as we go rafting along Mae Tang river
  • Have fun with some local experience as you pay a visit to tribal villages, stroll around local markets or go for an elephant ride.
  • Many well-known attractions are waiting for you to explore, such as the notorious Golden Triangle and Opium Museum there, Thaton Temple, the Tiger Kingdom and Mok Fah Waterfall, to name but a few
Chiang Mai Hill Tribe Explore 5 Days
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Best price guaranteed
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Money back guaranteed
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Customizable by local experts

Full Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive to Chiang Rai


Meals: N/A

As soon as you arrive, our local guide will be waiting to welcome you at Chiang Rai Airport before taking you to Doi Mae Salong for a sightseeing tour.

Have a stroll around tea plantations and meet up with the local dressed in their colorful tribal outfits, wearing unique accessories made from silver. You can also admire a pink flower named Wild Himalayan Cherry, also known as Thailand’s Sakura, blossoming in the mountain.

Enjoy the lunch at your own expense. Our journey goes on with a drive to an ancient city called Chiang Saen, from which we continue heading towards “Golden Triangle” - the confluence of three nations. Then, we will pay a visit to Opium Museum before taking a car ride to Mae Sai, which is the city between the borders of Thailand and Myanmar. In the end, we will return to the hotel, on route, have a drop at the Akha and Yao hill tribe village.

Enjoy the night at a hotel in Chiang Rai.

Day 2

Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai – Tiger Kingdom


Meals: Breakfast

As you finish enjoying breakfast, complete the hotel check-out procedure before we take a ride to the pier. There, we will get on a boat to begin our cruise along the Kok river.

On route, we will drop a visit at a hill tribe village called Long Neck Karen. As soon as we arrive at Thaton pier, enjoy the lunch at your own expense. Our next destination is Thaton Temple, which is a big site with an extremely stunning backdrop and not too far from the Thailand-Myanmar border.

Then, pay a visit to the Tiger Kingdom (one note here is that tourists will have to cover the charge at this site by themselves). Transfer to Chiang Mai for check-in at the hotel and after that, you are welcome to enjoy the time at your leisure.

Enjoy the night at a hotel in Chiang Mai.

Day 3

Chiang Mai – Waterfall – Karen Hilltribe Village


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This morning, we will get a truck for our 9-am departure from the hotel. Along the way, we will visit Mae Malai local market, where we will buy some food stuff along with vegetables in order to prepare for today’s trek. At around 10 o’clock in the morning, we will go for a swim at Mok Fah Waterfall and get chilled there.

Our lunch will start around 1 hour before midday. We will get on the truck to travel to Baan Pang Lun, where we enjoy the taste of a local meal.

Our journey continues at 1 o’clock in the afternoon with a 30-minute drive heading towards Huay Nam Dung national park. Then, a 2-hour trek is waiting for you in order to reach Baan Mae Jok, Karen Village. Our arrival is supposed to be at 4 pm. After that, you are welcome to discover the village, have some nice conversations with local residents and take part in activities there.

Our dinner will start at 6 pm. Enjoy the night here at this village.

Have a wonderful night at the homestay at Karen Village.

Day 4

Karen Hilltribe Village – Elephant Ride – Karen Hilltribe Village


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today’s morning will start with breakfast in the village at 8am. Then, we will go on a trek for about 3 and a half or 4 hours in order to arrive at the elephant camp. You will find this extremely amazing as most of the path we follow is under the shade of green trees alongside.
Our lunch at midday will be served at the camp by our guide, who seems to be very good at cooking. After that, take a stroll around to have a look at the natural practice of elephants.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon, have great fun travelling on the back of an elephant through breath-taking luxuriant jungle. The ride will last for around 45 minutes before reaching the Karen village, Bann Pang Khao Laam.

Enjoy dinner at 4 pm and spend the night at the village. After dinner, you will have the chance to get together around the campfire for some interesting activities held by the guide such as making jokes, playing games and telling amusing stories.

Have a wonderful night at a homestay at Karen Village.

Day 5

Karen Hilltribe Village – Bamboo Raft – Chiang Mai


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Enjoy your breakfast at 8 o’clock in the morning at the village. Half an hour later, we will get on a bamboo raft for a cruise following the gentle flow of Mae Tang river. The cruise will last from 1 and a half to 2 hours before it reaches the destination at Lahu hill tribe village in Baan Pong Ngan. We will take a stop there to have a look around the village and meet up with local residents.

Our lunch will start at 11 am. After lunchtime, our cruise on bamboo rafting goes on for another 2 hours through several high current parts of the river down towards Shan village.

We will enjoy lunch at 1 pm at Shan village.

One and half an hour later, we will return to Chiang Mai taking a local truck.

Our arrival is supposed to be at half past five in the afternoon and then, head to the hotel.

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Trip Notes

1. Best Time to Visit Thailand: Nov – Feb

Thailand has a warm tropical climate, so you can count on warm to hot weather throughout the year but there are many great places that you can visit all year.

Peak season is generally during December to January for everywhere in Thailand but the best time to visit Thailand is actually from November to February which the weather is cool, clear sky and no rain. During this season the weather in the northern regions is chilly at night, but the rest of the country stays a balmy 30°C even in the winter.

March is starting for the hot season but April to May are the hottest and driest months but the southern islands would be the good place to visit.

May to October is the low season and also the cheapest time to travel because the hotel price will be cheaper than other seasons but except some islands like Koh Tao or Koh Samui for example July and August, these periods, hotels are expensive.

2. Thailand Visa Requirements:

Many nationalities, including citizens of Australia, Canada, South Africa, the US and most European countries do not need a visa for stays of up to 30 days. A passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of entry, return ticket or onward travel arrangement needs to be presented upon request at your arrival in Thailand. These requirements are subject to change. Please check with the embassy or consulate in your home country before departure.

3. Car Procedure

Group Types of Car
1 - 5 pax 9-seater car
5 - 9 pax Two 9 - seater cars
10 - 18 pax 30 - seater car
19 - 25 pax 40 - seater car

Rooms are available from 14.00 on arrival day until 12.00 on departure day. Special requests for early/late check in/out will come with a surcharge.

Airfares (if any) may change without prior notice to e-ticket issuance.

4. Child Policy: 

  • 0 - 2 years old: Free of charge (Maximum 1 child under 2 years old travels with 2 adults; from the second child, 50% of the regular fare will be applied) .
  • 2 - 5 years old: 50% of the regular fare will be applied.
  • 5 - 11 years old: 75% of the regular fare will be applied.
  • From 12 years and older: 100% of the regular fare will be applied.

During Peak Season and Special Occasions, Surcharges may be Added to the Price:

  • Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Compulsory meals would be added during these times of the years, depending on hotels or resorts you stay.
  • Peak season during 20 Dec 2020 – 10 Jan 2021, Songkran Festival, Loy Kratong Festival, Chinese New Year: Extra fee required.

Reviews us on Tripadvisor

My family becomes closer after trip is my happiest dream
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"It have been a long time since we traveled together so i decided to take a tour in Chiang Mai to gather our family member. We have more time to relax and talk deeply, thank God my children have shared their stories for us :) also thank to the kind staff and good services, you guys make our holiday more beautiful than ever!!   "

Nature is absolutely a highlight point on Chaing Mai trip
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"Chiang Mai view literally stole my heart! This is the golden 5 days in this year because i can immerse myself in fresh nature and enjoy my time here. I love this places so much, and thank you APT for serving us gentle during the whole trip!!   "

Love every conner in Chiang Mail, you will be forever in my memory!
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5

Zane Hewitt


"This tour was really well-organized, far more comfortable than I had expected, and breathtakingly beautiful. Faly was our trek leader; she was quite kind and loving, and she was very generous in sharing information about indigenous tribes' traditions and lifestyles with us. We were welcomed to local homestay. A hot shower, wonderful food, and a comfortable bed. Thank God for this great time!   "

Beautiful scenery, green areas and people with warm-hearted
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"i have never ever come to anywhere that local people greeted us like Chiang Mai. I mean they always smile with us kindly and hospitably; they also ready to help us everytime. Btw, people on our tour is enthusiastic as well especially Mr. Jane, oh… you are a nice person, hope to see you one more time Jane! "

Good thing takes time but Chiang Mai just needs 5 days!
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"5 days that i lived in other culture are very memorable, i got more knowledge about this place an people here. It’s worth experiencing once in your lifetime! "

Preparing a good spirit and start the tour right now!
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5

Finnian Richards


"i very highly recommend the Chiang Mail Hill Tribe Explore 5 Days tour for those who want to refresh the soul (or escape reality as well). Because i’ve experienced the best ever in my life. Visit some villages and local tribes (it’s Karen as i remember), they are called long-neck tribe because they wear many necklaces for their whole life. Impressive! And many entertain activities that make my holiday unforgettable!   "

immersing myself in this beautiful land is a gift of God!
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"Feeling like i was coming to Mother Nature after a very long time of working. So during the trip i got no more nervous and really really enjoy my time, nature, animals and local people. I wish i could stay longer...   "

the trip is good in general but kinda not suitable for me
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5

Josh Parsons


"i enjoy it by my own way but i prefer some vibrant and model areas to Chiang Mai. However, the service is quite good so i have nothing more to complaint cus the staff worked really hard to serve us.    "

Chiang Mai’s culture makes me want to stay longer
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5

Ernest Ayala


"5 days aren’t enough for me to experience the culture and daily life of Chiang Mai people. When we came to Karen village, i gave some candies for children and took photos with them, they seemed so happy then i could not stop smile. Majestic nature and special culture (to someone it’s maybe a little weird), i really got impressed and i’ve learn many things from this land! "

A good chance to be back to nature
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels
Tripadvisor of Asia Private Travels

Rating: 5 / 5



"The peaceful scenery at Chiang Mai soothes my soul a lot! i have no worry and anxiety when being here. Fresh trip! "

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