Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in February

16, Jan

by Harry

Are you planning to travel to Vietnam with family and friends in February? Instead of dozens of hours searching around for travel guides, read this article for 5 minutes and get the ultimate guide for the best places in Vietnam in February

Vietnam Weather in February

Let's start with the weather information - an important feature that every traveler needs to know before considering other factors. February usually falls on the Vietnamese Tet holiday. The weather is relatively cool, dry, and pleasant throughout the whole country but it’s still quite erratic. However, in general, February is always one of the best months in Vietnam Tourism.

In the North: North Vietnam has distinct winter and summer seasons, and each season in different regions will bring different experiences. February is spring in the North, the weather is a little bit chilly, dry, and foggy occasionally. In general, it still has clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine, and the likelihood of rain is relatively low. This is also a very suitable time to travel to the Northwest. It is not only the season full of fruits and flowers but also the cold weather and dense mist, which will give tourists an interesting experience when traveling on North Vietnam tours.

In the Central: The temperature is quite warm, neither too hot nor too cold. This month begins the dry season in the central region with sunny and pleasant weather. Outdoor activities and especially cruise tours at this time will be very suitable. As same as the Northern and mountainous regions, the Central Highlands is cooler and more soothing. However, tourists still occasionally receive some light and unintended rains.

In the South: The South is divided into two main seasons: the rainy season (May-October) and the dry season (April-November). In February, the temperature is getting hotter, but it has not yet reached the peak like March and April. In the remote areas of the South (Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island), the weather is sunny with a clear blue sky although the possibility of little rain is higher if you go on a holiday to Southern Vietnam.

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in February


Hanoi is always the best destination for both domestic and international tourists traveling to Vietnam in February. Because of the Tet Holiday, the atmosphere here is exciting and jubilant with many fascinating festivals. Besides, the peach blossoms bloom across 36 streets creating a beautiful and romantic setting that will impress you at the first catch.

The temperature starts to get warmer and no longer colder than December and January, only occasionally with a few drizzles. 


Visiting Uncle Ho's mausoleum is probably the top priority. This is not only one of the most well-known architects, but also the best historical sites in Hanoi the capital. The square behind the mausoleum is the Presidential Palace - where Uncle Ho lived and worked in the 1960s. There are stilt houses, fishponds, and idyllic gardens, offering visitors more information about the simple life of Uncle Ho – the Great Father of Vietnamese.

Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake is a great idea to enjoy the peace in the capital’s bustling life. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about Hanoi’s thousand years of civilization, you can pay a visit to the Temple of Literature complex, which is known as the first university of Vietnam, erected in 1070. Another fascinating attraction near the city center is The Museum of Ethnology which displays and preserves the cultural and traditional values of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups. At night, you can have an opportunity to admire the gorgeous beauty of the lanterns and immerse yourself in their dazzling colors.

Wander along the small and narrow streets as well as explore some secret alleys to get a culinary experience by savoring local delicacies to satisfy your taste buds. You also can contact Asia Private Travels to create your own tailor-made Vietnam tour packages.


In February, you not only can admire the ancient royal beauty and enjoy the nostalgic ambiance but also have a chance to participate in many jubilant festivals. Sitting on a boat to feast their eyes on the scenery of many architectures beside the bank, as well as enjoying Hue sightseeing and releasing flower lanterns on the Huong River, visitors can gradually absorb the flavors and timbre of Hue.

One of the most captivating points in Hue is the Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts, located in Long A Palace. It is prominent as the most beautiful palace in the Nguyen Dynasty's palace system, whose architecture is also kept in a beautiful royal style. You will be impressed by the huge collection of antiques, crowns, and accessories of Nguyen emperors here. To admire the whole value of these major attractions, contact Asia Private Travels to book Hue Vietnam Tours and see the palaces with your own eyes.



Danang is known as a fairyland in real life, the harmony between the sea, mountains, rivers, and plains, so it is always the unmistakable choice of tourists when experiencing Vietnam holiday travel

In February, the weather is quite pleasant, neither too harsh nor too erratic. Although sometimes, you may experience some unexpected rain, it is still very rare. Join Asia Private Travels to find out some extremely interesting tourist attractions in this most livable city in Vietnam.

There are many attractions that you should not miss when booking a central Vietnam tour in Danang in February. There is no better than to contemplate the charming and breathtaking scenery of Ngu Hanh Son - one of the most venerable works here, wandering on the white sandy beach with the mild waves such as My Khe and Non-Nuoc Beach or enjoying an exciting exploration of Ba Na Hill - miniature Europe in the heart of Danang. You can contemplate many unique Western architectures with several world-class services.


Remember to bring a warm jacket because the temperature on Ba Na Hill is always lower than below regions. You will be captivated by many outdoor and indoor activities in the Fantastic Park. If you are a photography enthusiast, you will capture tons of unique images of surrounding areas to keep the loveliest moments.

Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra Peninsula is another interesting must-see Vietnam attraction on your Danang trip. You can visit and offer incense to pray for good luck. It is prominent as the largest temple in Danang city in both scale and artistic architecture. This pagoda in the Son Tra peninsula complex was built with a harmonious combination of the modern and traditional features of Vietnamese pagodas.


Hoian is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. This small old town is the melting pot of Eastern and Western culture as well as the combination of the quintessence of Vietnam, China, Japan, and Europe regarding cuisine, architecture, and tradition. If you are fascinated with the nostalgic and peaceful atmosphere, Hoian Ancient Town beside the Hoai River will be the best choice. Hoian is always brilliant at night, especially on the Lunar New Year, it is much more splendid. Every 14th of the lunar calendar, the old town will be lit up with sparkling and colorful lanterns. On this day, the banks of the Hoai River are filled with traditional melodies, folk activities, and indispensable traditional dishes. 


The Japanese Covered Bridge can be seen as a symbol of Hoian Old Town. It is known as the most crucial evidence of Hoian's diverse cultural interference. Inside the temple, there is a statue of worshiping Bac De Tran Vo, a god who protects this land and brings good things to people.

Strolling Hoian Night Market is one of the most exciting activities at night in Hoian. This is the market on Nguyen Hoang Street, where you can find dozens of handicraft stalls, street foods, and souvenir items in the sparkling and nostalgic space of colorful lanterns.

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is the best Vietnam tour for many people. It is famous for its complex rivers and canal system. Besides floating markets such as Cai Be Floating Market, visitors can experience the indigenous life of locals in many ways. Because February is the dry season, instead of taking a boat tour, cycling around villages to enjoy the tranquillity will be better.

You will gain deeper insights into the regional culture by having lunch at local houses, tasting local specialties and fruits as well as participating in productive labor activities (fishing, picking fruits, taking care of the garden, etc.). Many locals live on boats from generation to generation and all activities take place on the river.


Con Dao Island

February is a dry season with little rain, so it is suitable for activities on the beaches of Con Dao. The East Sea (Con Son Bay) often has big waves. Besides, the peaceful and tranquil waves in the West and Southwest seas, such as Nhat Beach and Ong Dung Beach, are very suitable for swimming and diving.

There are many beautiful beaches in Con Dao waiting for you to explore. Among them, you shouldn’t miss Dam Trau Beach – the Oasis of Con Dao Island. That is one of the most stunning beaches in Con Dao, where you can comfortably frolic on white sand and clear water. It also possesses a pristine and quiet scenery with mysterious and charming beauty. Coming to Dam Trau Beach, tourists will be immersed in the blue ocean, enjoying the precious gift of nature. Blue, clear, and cool water with white sand and gentle waves will create a miniature tropical paradise.


After discovering the gorgeous beaches, you also can try an adventure in Ong Dung Primeval Forest. Go through the forest and gain a great chance to admire the pristine, natural scenery. The cool air of trees and the Rocky Mountains will make you feel really refreshed. Take a short stroll through the rainforest, you will come to Ong Dung Beach on the other side of the island. Tourists have multiple activities such as kayaking, fishing, using a snorkel and goggles to see corals, or exploring the cliffs to find crabs, snails, etc.

Phu Quoc Island

Talking about Vietnam Tourism, we cannot forget the Pearl Island named Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc is a tropical island near the equator and located in the Gulf of Thailand, so it has many different climatic features. The weather in February is less rainy, accompanied by mild waves that offer more convenience for boat trips. Here, you not only relax on the beaches but also have a chance to encounter the local lifestyle through different activities. The most mesmerizing and romantic island in Phu Quoc is Hon Tay Island. The turquoise blue beaches, pure white sand, and shady coconut trees attract a lot of tourists to visit and resort. In particular, there is a beautiful coral reef waiting for you to admire.


If you want to discover something new, Ham Ninh Fishing Village will be a great idea. It is a famous tourist destination in Phu Quoc that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists because it remains largely untouched and idyllic, reflecting the local lifestyle here.

Vietnam Festivals in February

February is considered a festival month with many exciting activities accompanied by a joyful and jubilant atmosphere. Participating in indigenous festivals is a great opportunity for visitors to discover the unique features, indigenous traditions, and myths associated with Vietnamese history and culture. Let Asia Private Travels help you name some outstanding festivals not to be missed in Vietnam at this time.

Huong Pagoda Festival is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Vietnam, held at the beginning of the year in My Duc district, Hanoi. The majestic nature has attracted thousands of domestic and international visitors to this Buddhist ceremony. Huong Pagoda Festival is not only a Buddha celebration but also offers a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is also recognized as a unique and large work of Huong Son relic that has become the cultural heritage of the locals.

Huong Pagoda Festival

Huong Pagoda Festival

During the festival, the temples and shrines are filled with incense and the festive atmosphere will cover Huong Son commune. If you go during the day, you should visit Trinh Temple, Thien Tru Pagoda, and Huong Tich Cave - the main and holiest temples. Joining in Huong Pagoda Festival, you can have opportunities to conduct the incense offering procession and admire the monks performing beautiful and flexible dances. In addition, tourists should take part in many activities including taking a boat cruise along Yen Stream to feast eyes on picturesque scenery, climbing mountains, and exploring holy caves. 

Yen Tu Festival: The Yen Tu Festival takes place in the Yen Tu mountains of Thuong Yen Cong commune, Uong Bi Town every year on the 10th of January and lasts until March. Yen Tu was the Buddhist center of Dai Viet in the past. Visitors come to the Yen Tu Pagoda festival to be separated from the mundane world, and to make a religious pilgrimage among the majestic nature.


Lim Festival is a traditional festival held from the 12th to 14th of January every year in the Tien Du District located around the Lim Mountain and the banks of the Tieu Tuong River Bac Ninh province. This festival is an occasion for the locals to express their cultural art and spiritual beliefs profoundly.

Visitors can join in many processions, sacrifices, and folk arts activities such as “Hat Cheo”,  “Ca Tru”, and “Quan Ho” - Vietnamese traditional kinds of music, military drum, and classical opera, etc. as well as many folk games such as martial arts fighting, wrestling, chess playing, fairy swing, loom weaving, rice cooking. 


Each season, each region has its own unique beauty. In general, the weather in February is relatively beautiful, not too hot, not too cold, and quite clear, and less rain in all three regions: North, Central, and South. That is great news for those who want to have a Vietnam holiday in February. Furthermore, in some years, the traditional Tet festival can occur in February, so at this time, visitors will have the opportunity to experience many cultural activities imbued with spiritual and conventional values.

That’s it! Hope that you have noted some useful information for your Vietnam holiday tour in February. Besides a group tour to Vietnam at this time of the year, you can choose another option as customized tour from Asian Private Travels to fit your needs.