Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in April

16, Jan

by Hana

Vietnam is a gorgeous country that is prominent for its rich cultural and historical heritage as well as natural spectacles. Based on different regions, Vietnam has different weather patterns that bring its own unique beauty. April has relatively soothing weather that suits you to explore the tropical nature here. April will be one of the best months to visit Vietnam. Let’s discover the best Vietnam’s places to visit in April with Asia Private Travels.

Vietnam Weather in April

Firstly, let’s take a look at the weather conditions in each part of the country.

The North: The temperature rises gradually because of the coming summers; however, it is still quite cool and crisp. In the northern mountainous regions, the immense terraced fields are in the flooding season, which forms a refreshing and mesmerizing scene. Notably, the weather in the mountainous regions is cooler than in other regions, so it’s highly recommended to visit mountainous regions in Vietnam in April.

The Central: The climate gets warmer, and the rainfall decreases significantly. It's a great time to “soak” in the bright sunshine, relax on the white sand and the glassy ocean, or stroll along the beautiful beaches. “From the Citadel to Ancient Town in 4 Days” tour is one of the available Vietnam holiday packages from Asia Private Travels.

The South: It’s quite hot, and the likelihood of rainfall increases. At this time, you can capture tons of amazing photos in the beautiful sunshine when coming to Saigon. You should pay a visit to museums, wander around the city center, or stop at a coffee shop to sip a cup of coffee with some Saigonese.  

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam in April

Ha Giang

The first recommendation for you is a Northern Vietnam tour in April in Ha Giang. It is located 250 km from Hanoi, the capital to the north. The soothing weather conditions around the year are filled with vitality and beauty. You will be mesmerized by the many kinds of colorful flowers as well as the imposing natural landscape here. 


In addition, Nho Que River is especially worth visiting due to its majestically emerald green water and refreshing atmosphere. 

Coming to Ha Giang in April, you will have a chance to experience a very unique indigenous cultural market -  Khau Vai Love Market in Meo Vac District. This fair is held every year on the 27th of the lunar calendar, with the attendance of various men and women from ethnic minorities. The significant characteristic of this market is that the locals can meet their exes to chat, drink, and recall their old memories without jealousy or detestation. This is also a place for dating and showing the love of youngsters. Visitors will be captivated tremendously by the pristine beauty and the breathtaking scenery of nature. April will be a great time for your Ha Giang loop tours. Contact Asia Private Travels now to cutsomized Vietnam tour with our local experts.

Halong Bay

One of the other “must-visit” places in Vietnam is Halong Bay, which is prominent for the majestic beauty of its stunning natural landscape. It was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site twice and is one of the seven new natural wonders of the world. There is nothing better than taking a Halong Bay tour from Hanoi and enjoying a romantic trip on board.  


Ninh Binh and Hoa Lu Festival

Coming to visit Ninh Binh, Hoa Lu Festival is divided into 2 main parts: the ceremony and the festival. You will gain deeper insight into the folk culture through traditional rituals in the ceremony.


Hoa Lu Festival is divided into 2 main parts: the ceremony and the festival. You will gain deeper insight into the folk culture through traditional rituals in the ceremony. Simultaneously, you will have a great chance to join in a lot of exciting activities such as lion and dragon dances; water puppets; folk games, displaying relics of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, and art exhibitions as well as enjoy the cheerful atmosphere immersed in cultural values in the festival. 

Hue and the Colorful Hue Festival

If you are considering a Central Vietnam tour, the first recommended destination for you is undoubtedly Hue. Coming to Hue, you will regret it if you ignore Hue Imperial Citadel. Hue is prominent for many gorgeous and mesmerizing scenes with the nostalgic ambiance from the historical complex of monuments, and the combination of unique royal and ancient architecture. You can find it really tranquil and poetic beside the Huong River. It is well-known for its pure, pellucid water that reflects the whole architecture, including temples, and gardens on the banks under the smooth water and shimmering sunlight. The river is a symbol of this ancient capital as well as its long-standing cultural values.

The mausoleums of the Nguyen dynasty are also the perfect destination for your Vietnam itinerary when you travel to Hue. This system includes 7 tombs, and each tomb is carved sophisticatedly, bearing its own imprint of the feudal period and reflecting the prosperity of dynasties in the past.


Especially if you are coming to Hue travel in April, you may have a chance to join the Hue Festival. It is organized every year with different topics regarding Vietnamese cultural values to introduce and promote the quintessence of traditional crafts as well as Vietnamese cuisine. In particular, Hue Festival 2020, with its theme “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development; Hue: Always Something New to Discover,"  continuously follows the successes of the previous festivals to bring participants new and unique experiences about culture, history, and the arts. Visitors can witness many captivating performances, including the “Ao Dai” fashion show, Trinh Cong Son’s music concert, cuisine festival, exhibitions, and many others with awesome quality and large scale. This event will offer you a great chance to immerse in the festive atmosphere full of joy and excitement and especially gain deeper insights into Vietnamese culture.


After Hue, we will move to Hoian to explore an ancient town with more than 1000 architectural monuments, from streets, houses, meeting halls, communal houses, pagodas, shrines, and churches, to traditional dishes. Throughout the years and restoration, Cau Pagoda has a unique structure, an architectural beauty of Vietnamese style. This property is invaluable and officially selected as a symbol of Hoian Vietnam.

The ancient beauty of Hoian trip is completely different from Hue; while the ancient beauty in Hue came from the royal architecture mixed with solemnity and royal vibes,  the vintage structure of Hoian came from the harmonious combination of Vietnam, Japan and Chinese architecture with the old moss-covered tiles, the red lanterns, the narrow streets, the elaborately carved frescoes all seem to bring us back to the world of a few hundred years ago. This will be your best Vietnam holiday with the vintage and friendly lifestyle of people in Hoian.


Ho Chi Minh City & Cu Chi Tunnels

The highlight of a South Vietnam tour itinerary will definitely be Ho Chi Ming City (Saigon). Saigon is a hot, noisy, and dynamic city that rarely sleeps, with a complex history and plenty of culture to admire and enjoy. There is a lot of Indochina architecture reflecting the period of Vietnam’s growth under French colonialism, such as the Old Saigon Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera House, Reunification Palace, and Chinatown Cho Lon.


You can have an opportunity to have a gastronomic experience by sampling street food and discovering the diversity of commerce, industry, and culture, which is prominent in one of the three metropolitan cities in Vietnam. In April, the weather here may be unstable, so you should bring an umbrella when going out in case it’s too sunny or rainy. 

Cu Chi tunnels are a unique "wonder" under the ground with a length of 250 km that you shouldn't miss on your Ho Chi Minh City tour. Its construction inside the tunnel is like spider webs, from trenches, food storage, bunkers, wells, accommodations, kitchens, and infirmary office rooms. It is not only a remnant of the brutal war but also marks the history of the Sai Gon army. Visitors to Cu Chi Tunnels will have the opportunity to learn and experience the life of the Vietnamese army in deep tunnels underground with harsh conditions.


Mekong Delta is an area that has a rich tapestry of fauna and flora, as well as fertile alluvium brought from nature. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the natural scenery and attached to delectable delicacies on a Mekong Delta tour. In addition, the people here are really hospitable, making a perfect Vietnam holiday tour for you to experience the rustic life and the traditional culture of this region. 

If you are wondering about a perfect location for your holiday itinerary in Vietnam, Asia Private Travels has a lot of available tour packages for you to consider. It's highly recommended for you to try our “From the South to the North” tour, which is a Vietnam tour from Ho Chi Minh that includes all the destinations as mentioned before.  Moreover, you can design your own trip with our tailor-made Vietnam tour packages here

Vietnam Festivals and Events in April

Hung King Festival

This is the most important national holiday that takes place on the 10th of March of the lunar calendar every year in Phu Tho province, dedicated to the merits of the Hung Kings, who ruled Vietnam for more than 2,500 years until about 250 BC. In Vietnam, the Hung kings were considered the people who had significantly contributed to building the country. The festival has a national scale and has become a long-standing traditional culture inherited and passed from generation to generation.


The Hung King Festival is divided into 2 parts: the ceremony and the festival. Participating in the festival, visitors can come to burn incense to the Hung kings, and then experience Vietnamese folk games and traditional music performances. The jubilant festive atmosphere as well as traditional cultural values will bring unforgettable memories to your Vietnam holiday tour.

Danang International Fireworks Festival (Biennial)

Coming to Danang in April, visitors will have the opportunity to join in the annual fireworks festival, a world-class cultural event. There are many colorful fireworks performances and exciting activities waiting for you there. Each fireworks performance will bring different emotional stories told by light in the sky, under the water, and blend into the music to bring a jubilant and brilliant festive atmosphere. 


In short, April can be a great time for you and your family to enjoy Vietnam comfortably and travel to most parts of the country without getting too hot, like in the following summer months. Make sure you take some information about the weather, stunning attractions, and yes, the festival! Or if you have questions about any details, please leave a comment or contact us for further information about customized April Vietnam tours.