Things to do in Cambodia

02, Feb

by Anna

Overview of Cambodia trip

As a famous Cambodian tourist destination for those looking for majestic mountains, rich culture, and historic temples, Cambodia is an outstanding country that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Tourists can be tempted by the pristine white beaches that border the shore. The jungle-covered countryside is prepared for the more adventurous, while Phnom Penh, the bustling capital, immerses tourists in the fast-paced pulse of modern Cambodian city life.

In addition, Cambodia is home to people from various areas and ethnic groups. Buddhist Theravada and Hindu Brahmana traditions coexist in virtually perfect harmony and define Cambodian society to such an extent that no other tradition or culture can replace them. All of these ceremonies, festivals, rites of passage, writings, customs, and beliefs represent the precisely set out cultural mosaic of Cambodia spanning four millennia.

So, let's join us on an ultimate guide to the top things to do in Cambodia! Plan an unforgettable trip to Cambodia and admire the beauty of must-see destinations with the best tour company for Cambodia or even Vietnam-Asia Private Travels.

Tourist attractions in Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Cambodia's capital is the nation's hectic heartbeat; For visitors, this is Cambodia's most cosmopolitan location, with an unequaled café and restaurant culture in the country.

It also has a number of significant historic sites that serve to untangle Cambodia's present and ancient histories when taking a Phnom Penh city tour. The National Museum houses a slew of Khmer sculpture that traces the country's history from pre-Angkorian times to the astonishing splendor of the god-Kings of Angkor.

The Royal Palace is a prime example of traditional workmanship, but the Tuol Sleng Museum and the Choeung Ek killing fields testify to the pain and brutality that the people of this country endured under the Khmer Rouge administration.

Visiting Royal Palace in Cambodia

Visiting the Royal Palace in Cambodia

Phnom Penh has an incredible array of restaurants. There is no shortage of options, from snacking in traditional marketplaces to fancy pants afternoon tea at colonial hotels. Then there are the bars—Phnom Penh has to have one of the largest densities of excellent bars per square kilometer in the region. In case you desire to diverse food experience, the Phnom Penh food tour can be a great option to learn more about country cuisine.

Siem Reap

This is the country's main activity hub, with a variety of activities available, ranging from cycle rides around the lush countryside just outside of town to Cambodian cookery tours. Taking a jeep tour in Siem Reap or a Vespa tour in Siem Reap enriches your experiences of the surroundings and Cambodia‘s history. Thanks to plenty of rivers, tourists are offered a chance to explore the magic of Tonle Sap Lake at twilight on this romantic cruise from Siem Reap.

Before seeing Angkor Wat, stop at the Angkor National Museum to learn more about the site's history. The displays here delve into the Khmer Empire's rich culture and arts. Don't miss Phare The Cambodian Circus for nighttime entertainment while in town. This internationally recognized circus troupe and social enterprise perform breathtaking acts that integrate theater, acrobatics, and music.

Exploring Angkor Wat Siem Reap in Cambodia

Exploring Angkor Wat Siem Reap in Cambodia

What screams street food from Siem Reap? Simplicity, originality, and uniqueness. As a first-time visitor to Siem Reap, if you find the thought of eating insects haunting, it is not for the faint of heart. Visit some famous restaurants and enjoy the most incredible dishes of Cambodian food.


Some of Cambodia's most serene rural beauty may be seen in the rice fields and small villages that surround Battambang, a city in the northwest. The region is also home to a wealth of historical treasures.

While the famed Bamboo Train, a single-line rail track where "carriages" made from a platform of wood and bamboo travel between Battambang's east bank and the small village of O Srav, is one of the most popular activities for tourists, the temples of Phnom Sampeau, Phnom Banan, and Wat Ek Phnom is all within day-trip distance for history buffs.

Compared to the bustle of other cities during Cambodia travel packages, Battambang is a very tranquil city with a center sector teeming with colonial structures. Battambang is a completely approachable town to utilize as a base for individuals who found Phnom Penh's bustling bustle a little too much.

From street food or cafés to restaurants and bars, here is our guide to eating and drinking in Battambang. The capital of Cambodia's most fertile province and its rice bowl, Battambang, is home to some of the nation's top Cambodian restaurants. Here are the best places to eat, drink, and snack in Battambang.

Vsiting Battambang in Cambodia

Visiting Battambang in Cambodia


The most well-liked day trips from Kampot are probably to Kep Beach, Rabbit Island, Bokor Hill Station, and the countryside, with Asia Private Travels offering these excursions at extremely reasonable prices.

Pre-Angkorian ruins and caverns, jungle treks, bicycle tours, river cruises, island excursions, fishing excursions, deserted beaches, pepper plantations, bamboo train rides, and some breathtaking rural scenery are just a few of the other attractions in the Kampot region.

Most people come here to take in the historic, attractive French colonial buildings and to use them as a vantage point for exploring the nearby beaches or the Kep tiny islands. The Kampot province is recognized for the excellence of its sea salt, durian, coconut, mango, and, of course, the famed Kampot pepper. This pepper is distinctive and highly sought-after by gourmets worldwide due to the unique fresh environment and soil type of Kampot as well as the experience of multiple generations of pepper producers.

Visiting Kampot, Cambodia

Visiting Kampot, Cambodia


Kratie, Cambodia, is known as the home of the Mekong Irrawaddy dolphin, and many tourists come here to float on the tranquil river waters in hopes of spotting one. There is a picnic place called Kampi Rapids nearby, and it is exactly what its name implies: a series of currents that move quickly. During the dry season, its banks are a popular gathering place for locals where you may relax in a hammock beneath a bamboo tent or go swimming. 

For those looking for a little adventure, Koh Trong Island, which is located across from Kratie's coastline, is a terrific place to explore during the dry season. You may climb the modest inclines on Koh Trong for vistas that span Kratie or take the short boat ride across the sea for a brief dip. However, renting a bike on the island and seeing the beaches and fishing towns is the activity that is most in demand here.

Enjoying local activities in Kratie, Cambodia

Enjoying local activities in Kratie, Cambodia

Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloem, called the magnificent sister island of Koh Rong, is situated not far from Sihanoukville, Cambodia. It is a serene, tranquil location with breathtaking beauty, including pristine white beaches, crystal-clear oceans, and untamed tropical vegetation. A true "island paradise," as travelers frequently refer to it, as there are a variety of activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking.


Ratanakiri Province is a destination for individuals who appreciate outdoor activities and traditional cultures because of its incredible natural beauty. This province boasts a ton of natural beauty and outdoor areas to enjoy, with Virachey National Park to the north and Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary to the south. Red-dusty roads evoke a sense of daring adventure during the Cambodia package.

Yeak Laom Lake, a breathtaking circular lake located in the crater of a 4,000-year-old volcano, lies almost perfectly in the middle of Ratanakiri Province, close to Ban Lung. This lake is almost exactly circular, and the surrounding forest is lush and picture-perfect. The water is considered to be especially pure due to the nearly 50-meter-deep seas. Furthermore, waterfalls are considered a must-come destination in the Cambodia holiday packages.

Apart from visiting breathtaking landscapes, you should enjoy some regional specialties, such as rice, vegetables, fish cooked in bamboo, and rice wine, if you take a guided tour of an indigenous hamlet or even spend the night in a homestay. 

Experiencing street food in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Experiencing street food in Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Prasat Preah Vihear

Located in the far north of Cambodia next to Thailand, Preah Vihear is a place to honor the ancient Hindu temple constructed during the Khmer Empire. Noreay Temples, Koh Ker, and Krapum Chhouk are the symbols of this city with unique architecture, such as a pyramid form built of stones. 

Given the isolation of the area and nearby Thailand, this is a place to eat both traditional Khmer fare and some Thai specialties. There aren't many dining alternatives in the region's metropolitan centers, but they all provide unique and intriguing selections.

Tonlé Sap Lake

Known as Southeast Asia's biggest freshwater lake, 3 million people live on or near the Tonle Sap, a large body of water in northwest Cambodia, and depend on farming and fishing for a living. Tourists have a chance to visit several floating villages located on the lake as part of Tonle Sap Lake tours to get a glimpse of how the residents live. 

With the advantages of river abundance, Tonlé Sap Lake is a destination for Cambodia Vietnam tours by cruise, offering tourists a unique experience of landscape admiration with cultural exploration.

Tonle Sap Lake view from above in Cambodia

Tonle Sap Lake view from above in Cambodia

Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

South of the border town of Koh Kong in Cambodia's southwest is a region known as the Cardamom Mountains that is home to the Koh Kong Conservation Corridor.

It contains lush rainforest, twisting rivers, and waterfalls; the chances for hiking and boat trips in these highlands are provided to tourists during Cambodia travel.

If you want to simply take in the lovely surroundings and take a break from life, go to the Tatai River. Along the riverfront are a few small boutique eco-resorts that all provide activities like day hikes and paddling.

The town of Chi Pat, an eco-tourism destination farther south in the Cardamom Highlands, offers basic homestay and guesthouse lodging as well as a wide variety of activities, from multi-day hikes into the wooded mountains to wildlife-spotting river boat rides.

Experiencing motorbike tour Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

Experiencing motorbike tour Koh Kong Conservation Corridor

Sambor Prei Kuk

In this forest, there are over 100 brick temples built in honor of different Hindu deities, many of which have been partially engulfed by enormous tree roots. It is significant from an archaeological standpoint since it contains some of Cambodia's earliest still-standing structures and is perfect to admire the ethereal beauty, which is surrounded by trees.

The most significant temples in the archaeological site are Prasat Sambor, Prasat Tao, and Prasat Yeay Peau, all of which feature exceptionally clear carvings on their walls and lots of ethereal atmosphere created by twisting tree trunks and coiling vines.

Banteay Chhmar

Regarding a national asset of Cambodia, the Banteay Chhmar Temple is a priceless and irreplaceable link to the cultural history of the Khmer people and dates back to the Angkorian era. Its significance as a temple complex is indicated by the numerous Buddhist images and astounding bas-reliefs depicting life during the Angkorian era.

The temple has been mostly undetected and unaltered for 800 years. 

When booking a Cambodia tour package, do not forget to travel to Banteay Chhmar to thoroughly understand its culture and history!

Visiting Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia

Visiting Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia


Mondulkiri, the least inhabited region among Cambodia destinations, is also where you'll find wild waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries, and just the perfect amount of adventure. One of Cambodia's waterfalls, if not the most magnificent, is Bousra. It seems that families from Cambodia enjoy picnicking there. Pack a lunch in Sen Monorom town and bring it with you to Bousra so you may join them for a picnic of your own. After that, take your shoes off and swim in the lake, running down the water from the top. On hot days, the waterfall's spray is a fantastic way to stay cool. After that, detour off the highway and up a tiny hill named "Build Love" to see the sunset or smell the pine trees.

Discovering Boo Sra waterfall in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Discovering Boo Sra waterfall in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

After a tour visits the majority of tourist attractions above, tourists also get the chance to take Vietnam Cambodia Laos tour, especially Cambodia Vietnam tours by Cruise. 

One note for you when booking a Cambodia tour is that most of natives and visitors choose to travel by bicycle, moto, tuk-tuk, or cab, as Phnom Penh is a sprawling and hot destination. Travelers should use the same driver on a regular basis to reduce pricing, less fuss, and significantly less time spent explaining where they want to go.

Cambodia is a stunning country with long-lasting history, unique culture, and stunning landscapes. Choose us as your companion; we will make your journey fascinating and meaningful. Contact Asia Private Travels for a personalized Cambodia tour or any other destination!