10 Wonderful Things You Can Only Buy in Cambodia

06, Mar


As people return home from a trip oversea, they often buy some souvenirs to give presents to their family and friends, as well as to remind themselves an amazing trip they have been on. If this time you travel to The Kingdom of  Wonders - Cambodia, there are countless of cool things to buy from traditional products to delicious food. Among souvenirs of various kinds, making good choices is never so difficult. As such, Asia Private Travels enlist below the 10 most highly recommended souvenirs for tourists to bring back home from Cambodia.

1. Krama

Krama is among the most popular clothing items in Cambodia and you will definitely be surprised by its many functions. It is a traditional scarf which can be used to cover the face, carry children, keep off flies, wipe off sweat and as hammock for the young to have a good sleep. Traditionally, this scarf is made of red and white cloth, but present krama can have more colors. You can find this kind of product across the country, ranging in size, quality and price.  


2. Eco - friendly Handmade Products

Cambodian people have been well known for their homemade products of outstanding quality, such as organic soaps, body cream, candles and lip balms, to name but a few. These things are made from organic materials that are available in local places. The packages of the products are also environmentally friendly, for example, fabric bags, green leaves,etc. Not only eco-friendly but the souvenirs are also extremely lovely and unique. You can find these things in Senteurs d’Angkhor, a business specializing in organic stuffs located on Airport Road and in Kru Khmer Botanical, a shop and spa in the Old Market. 


3. Cambodian Art

Traditional Cambodian art centralizes Angkor Wat and its neighboring temples, as well as rural landscapes and farmers with their hard work. Besides, there now exists an emerging trend of ware-selling galleries. You can pay a visit to Street 178, which is also called the art alley where art workshops and galleries gathering. 


4. Kampot Pepper

Kampot pepper, peculiar to Cambodia, is globally known for its strong taste. The pepper was named after Kampot province, where the mild climate and soil rich in quartz contribute to its famous hot spice. There are lots of plantations where well-designed packages of Kampot peppers are produced to serve the demand of tourists. Normally, a kilo of black pepper costs about 15$, while the price of red and white pepper ranges from 25$ to 28$ per kilo.


5. Special Crafts

In case you don’t know, in Cambodia, there are lots of organizations who are determined to push back poverty by giving free training courses in crafting to the poor. Purchase these crafts to bring back home lovely souvenirs that remind you of your amazing trip, as well as to support the local community. You can find these products at Friends International’s stores, Friends ‘n’ Stuff, in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. 


6. Silverware

There is no denying that Cambodia is the paradise of silver products, such as complicated boxes, plates, bowls, rings and jewelries made by the clever hands of craftsmen. If time allows, you can also have your own silverware inscribed as you wish. Siem Reap Night Markets, Angkor bullet Jewellery and Garden of Desire are recommended places where you can buy silverware products of great quality. The price of Cambodian silverware is dependable on the type of product that you choose.


7. Palm Sugar

Palm sugar is considered as one of the must-try specialties in Cambodia. If you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to catch the sight of farmers climbing up 30-meter palm trees to reach the fruit at the tip of their skinny trunks. The fruit is the major ingredient in making palm sugar; therefore, it has quite a similar taste to brown cane sugar, and often used in cooking and making medicine. The best place to buy palm sugar in Cambodia is the Central Market. You can get a 5-piece package of brown sugar with only about 2 $



Carvings are also highly recommended for tourists to Cambodia to buy and bring home as souvenirs. Cambodia carvings are ranging in shapes, sizes and materials. They may portray large Buddha heads, boxes, or even the great structure Angkor Wat. You will definitely be amazed by the variety and complexity of these crafts. 


9. Textiles

Either cotton textiles or delicate hand-made ones is considered as Cambodian specialties. Therefore, they can be easily found in various markets and boutique shops throughout the country. Leafy Street 240 in Phnom Penh is a credible address for lotus silk in case you want to buy. 


10.Cambodian Silk Scarf

Cambodia’s golden silk used to make its name around the globe for its smoothie and purity. Despite that, in recent decades, there has been a decline in the craft, which was then followed by endeavors to recover its glorious era. For people who take interest in getting an sight into the process of producing silk, from silk worm to scarf, it is advisable to pay a visit to the of Artisan Angkor’s silk farm in the suburb area of Siem Reap. You can also buy some products to bring home as gifts. 

Here are some recommendations, which we hope will be useful for your trip. Come and explore Cambodia. We do wish you a good time in this country and bring home lovely souvenirs as you wish.